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Table 3 A comparison of production of ethanol in adsorbed cell biofilm reactors

From: Biofilm reactors for industrial bioconversion processes: employing potential of enhanced reaction rates

System/Support Reactor Type Culture Productivity [gL-1h-1] Reference
Biofilm Reactors     
   Resin Packed bed Z. mobilis 135.8 (PdT), 377.4 (Pdv) [85]
   Vermiculite Packed bedd Z. mobilis 105.0 (PdT), 210 (Pdv) [84]
   Sugarcane bagassea Packed bed S. cerevisiae 28.6b [4]
   Polypropylene Packed bede Z. mobilis 536c [86]
   Plastic composite Packed bed S. cerevisiae 76c [86]
Cell Recycle CSTR Z. mobilis 200b [88]
Batch/Continuous suspended cell (Control)     
   Continuous CSTR Z. mobilis 5.0b [86]
   S. cerevisiae 5.0b [86]
   Continuous CSTR S. cerevisiae 3.35b [4]
  1. a: The support was reported as an adsorbent of natural origin (perhaps sugarcane bagasse)
  2. b: Not reported whether based on total reactor volume or void volume
  3. c: Not reported (possibly based on void volume)
  4. d: Cone shaped
  5. e: Trickling packed bed
  6. PdT – Productivity based on total reactor volume
  7. Pdv – Productivity based on reactor void volume