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Table 1 Kinetic parameters for glucose transporters and energetic costs for glucose internalization and phosphorylation*.

From: Improvement of Escherichia coli production strains by modification of the phosphoenolpyruvate:sugar phosphotransferase system

Transporter K m V max Energetic costsa
IIGlc complex 3–10 μM 126 μmol min-1 g-1 1 PEP
IIMan complex 15 μM 72 μmol min-1 g-1 1 PEP
GalP 10.2 μM 15.6 μmol min-1 g-1 1 H+ + 1 ATP
Glf 4.1 mM 75 μmol min-1 g-1 1 ATP
  1. * N.D., not determined.
  2. a The energetic cost equivalent of 1 mol of PEP is 1 mol of ATP.