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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: Highly efficient L-lactate production using engineered Escherichia coli with dissimilar temperature optima for L-lactate formation and cell growth

Strains Relevant characteristics Source or reference
Escherichia coli B0013-070 B0013, Δack-pta, Δpps, ΔpflB, Δdld, ΔpoxB, ΔadhE, ΔfrdA [10]
E. coli B0013-080C B0013-070, ΔldhA This study
E. coli B0013-090B1 B0013-080C, ΔlldD:: ldhA p-ldh Lca This study
E. coli B0013-090B2 B0013-080C, ΔlldD:: ldhA p-ldh Strb This study
E. coli B0013-090B3 B0013-080C, ΔlldD:: ldhA p-ldh Bcoa This study
Bacillus coagulans B1821 Wild type CICIM-CUa
Lactobacillus casei B1192 Wild type CICIM-CUa
Steptococcus. bovis 1.1624 Wild type CGMCCb
Plasmids Relevant characteristics Source or reference
pSK-dif GmR dif Gm, bla [20]
pMD18-T simple bla; TA cloning vector TaKaRa, Japan
pLDHex bla; P ldhA , T ldhA This study
  1. aThe Culture and Information Center of Industrial Microorganisms of China Universities, Jiangnan University, China.
  2. bChina General Microbiological Culture Collection Center, Institute of Microbiology, CAS, Beijing, China.