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Figure 1

From: Effect of oxygenation and temperature on glucose-xylose fermentation in Kluyveromyces marxianus CBS712 strain

Figure 1

Fermentation profiles of K. marxianus CBS712 at 30°C. Fermentation profiles of K. marxianus CBS712 grown at 30°C under different concentrations of inlet oxygen: 20.95% (a), 11.00% (b), and 1.75% (c). Left panels: O2 (%; dashed line) and CO2 (%; continuous line) profiles. Right panels: Biomass (OD660; ▲), Glucose (g L−1; ■), Ethanol (g L−1; ♦), Xylose (g L−1; ☐), Acetate (g L−1; ), Glycerol (g L−1; ) and Xylitol (g L−1; ). Results are average values of three replicates where the deviation from the mean value was always less than 5%.

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