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Table 2 The strains and plasmid used in this study

From: Genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction of Saccharopolyspora spinosa for Spinosad Production improvement

Strain or plasmids Description Source or reference
E. coli DH5α Host for general cloning TransGen biotech
E. coli ET-12567 Donor stain for conjugation between E. coli and S. spinosa [44]
S.spinosa ATCC 49460 Wild strain ATCC
S.spinosa 261P S.spinosa ATCC 49460 harboring pOJ261P This study
pOJ260 E. coli–Streptomcyes shuttle vector; apr oriT repPUC lacZ [45]
pOJ261 pOJ260 with ermE* promoter Our lab
pOJ261P pOJ260 with ermE*-controlled PntAB This study