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Table 1 Comparison of process variables, specific activities and yields for clone 4 under different fed-batch strategies in microbioreactor after 96 h

From: Comprehensive clone screening and evaluation of fed-batch strategies in a microbioreactor and lab scale stirred tank bioreactor system: application on Pichia pastoris producing Rhizopus oryzae lipase

Fed-batch strategy Biomass [OD600] Volumetric lipolytic activity [U mL-1] Biomass specific activity [U mL-1OD600 -1] MeOH added [mg] Final volume [mL] Activity yield from methanol [U mg-1 MeOH]
Glucose feeding 255 10.3 0.040 19 0.794 0.43
Low glycerol feeding 169 10.3 0.061 28.2 0.898 0.33
High glycerol feeding 222 16 0.072 56.4 1.026 0.29