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Figure 5

From: Comprehensive clone screening and evaluation of fed-batch strategies in a microbioreactor and lab scale stirred tank bioreactor system: application on Pichia pastoris producing Rhizopus oryzae lipase

Figure 5

Comparison of clone ranking for clones 4 and 6 obtained in different cultivation modes in RoboLector microbioreactor system (single runs). Clone 7, which was also cultivated in STR next to clones 4 and 6, produced hardly any product and is therefore not shown in the figure. Medium background was Syn6 production medium. A: Batch screening with methanol induction. B: Enzymatic glucose feeding with methanol induction. C: Feeding of glycerol/methanol at 4 μL h-1. D: Feeding of glycerol/methanol at 2 μL h-1. Different scales are used in A (values between 0 to 8) and B to D (values between 0 to 80).

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