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Table 1 Recent researches of use of agro-industrial wastes as substrates to yeasts carotenoid production

From: Biotechnological production of carotenoids by yeasts: an overview

Authors Substrate Yeast Yield
Marova et al.,[116] Whey R. glutinis 46 mg L-1 of β -carotene
Marova et al.,[116] Potato medium R. mucilaginosa 56 mg L-1 of β -carotene
Saenge et al.,[44] Crude glycerol R. glutinis 135.2 mg L-1 of carotenoids
Taskin et al.,[118] Chicken feathers R. glutinis 92 mg L-1 of carotenoids
Nasrabadi and Razavi,[115] Whey ultrafiltrate R. acheniorum 262 mg L-1 β -carotene
Valduga et al.,[119] Whey S. salmonicolor 590.4 μg L-1 of carotenoids
Malisorn and Suntornsuk[120] Fermented radish brine R. glutinis 19 μg L-1 h-1 of β -carotene
Malisorn and Suntornsuk[70] Fermented radish brine R. glutinis 201 μg L-1 of β -carotene
Tinoi et al.,[32] Mung bean waste flour and sweet potato extract R. glutinis 3.48 mg L-1 of carotenoids
Frengova et al.,[72, 73] Ultrafiltrate whey R. glutinis 10.2 mg L-1 of carotenoids