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Table 1 Biomass degradation enzyme library from S. lividans and T. fusca YX[22]

From: Hyper secretion of Thermobifida fusca β-glucosidase via a Tat-dependent signal peptide using Streptomyces lividans

Sec-dependent signal peptides Tat-dependent signal peptides
  Protein Expression   Protein Expression
SlvXlnA Xylanase + SlvXlnC Endo-xylanase +
SlvXlnB Endo-xylanase + Tfu0082 Acetyl xylan esterase +
SlvCelB Endo-glucanase + Tfu0153 Pectate-lyase +
Tfu2791 Endo-xylanase + Tfu0620 β-1,4-exocellulase +
Tfu1268 Cellulose-binding protein + Tfu0868 Exochitinase -
Tfu1616 Xylanase/Galactosidase - Tfu0900 β -Mannanase +
Tfu1621 Acetyl xylan esterase - Tfu0985 Amylase +
Tfu1629 Glucosidase + Tfu1213 Endo-xylanase +
Tfu1665 Cellulose-binding protein + Tfu2168 Pectate-lyase +
Tfu2789 Acetyl xylan esterase - Tfu2486 Xylosidase +
Tfu2990 Acetyl xylan esterase - Tfu2712 Cellulase -
    Tfu2788 Acetyl xylan esterase +
    Tfu1612 Xyloglucanase +
    Tfu2176 Cellulase +