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Figure 4

From: Hyper secretion of Thermobifida fusca β-glucosidase via a Tat-dependent signal peptide using Streptomyces lividans

Figure 4

SDS-PAGE of produced BGL in the culture supernatant of each transformant. Lane 1: S. lividans/pTxcs-pUxcs after 4 days cultivation; Lane 2: S. lividans/pU-xcs-bgl after 3 days cultivation; Lane 3: S. lividans/pU-0620 s-bgl after 3 days cultivation; Lane 4: S. lividans/pU-2486 s-bgl after 3 days cultivation; Lane 5: S. lividans/pU-plds-bgl after 3 days cultivation.

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