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Table 3 Plasmids and strains used in this study

From: Production of hydroxycinnamoyl anthranilates from glucose in Escherichia coli

Plasmid or Strain Description References
Base plasmids   
pZS21 pSC101; Kanr PLtetO-1 [61]
pBbB5a pBBR1; AmprlacI PlacUV5 [62]
pBbA5c p15A; CmrlacI PlacUV5 [62]
pBbE1a colE1; AmprlacI Ptrc [62]
pBbE7k colE1; KanrlacI PT7 [62]
Shikimate plasmid   
pS0 pZS21::ydiB-aroD-aro B-aroG*-ppsA-tktA [45]
Tyrosine plasmid   
pY pBbB5a::tyrB-tyrA*-aroC-aroA-aroL This study
Cinnamoyl anthranilates plasmids   
pAvn pBbA5c::HCBT-4CL1 This study
pAvnD pBbA5c::HCBT-4CL1-tal This study
pAvnDF1 pBbA5c::HCBT-4CL1-tal-Ptrc-sam5 This study
pAvnDF2 pBbA5c::HCBT-4CL1-tal-Ptrc-hpaB-hpaC This study
Other plasmids   
pSam5 pBbE1a::sam5 This study
pRgTAL pBbE7k::tal This study
W3110 trpD9923 W3110 [F-λ- INV (rrnD-rrnE) 1] tryptophan auxotroph, randomly mutagenized by treatment with ultraviolet radiation [41, 42]
DH10B Cloning host Life technologies
BL21(DE3) Expression host Life technologies