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Table 5 List of kiko vectors, their characteristics and genbank accession numbers

From: Knock-in/Knock-out (KIKO) vectors for rapid integration of large DNA sequences, including whole metabolic pathways, onto the Escherichia coli chromosome at well-characterised loci

KIKO vector Target locus Resistance gene GenBank accession
pKIKOarsB Cm arsB catP (CmR) KC503965
pKIKOlacZ Cm lacZ catP (CmR) KC503966
pKIKOrbsAR Cm rbsAR catP (CmR) KC503967
pKIKOarsB Km arsB aphA (KmR) KC503968
pKIKOlacZ Km lacZ aphA (KmR) KC503969
pKIKOrbsAR Km rbsAR aphA (KmR) KC503970
  1. The resistance gene listed is the gene inserted onto the chromosome after homologous recombination. KmR kanamycin resistance, CmR chloramphenicol resistance.