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Table 2 Strains used in this study

From: Knock-in/Knock-out (KIKO) vectors for rapid integration of large DNA sequences, including whole metabolic pathways, onto the Escherichia coli chromosome at well-characterised loci

Strain Properties Reference/source
BW23474 Δ(argF-lac)169, ΔuidA4::pir-116, recA1, rpoS396(Am), endA9(del-ins)::FRT, rph-1, hsdR514, rob-1, creC510 [78]1
MG1655 λ-, rph-1 CGSC1
MGΔarsB::xyn MG1655 arsB::xynAcatP; CmR This study
MGΔrbsAR::xyn MG1655 rbsAR::xynAcatP; CmR This study
MGΔlacZ::xyn MG1655 lacZ::xynAcatP; CmR This study
MGΔlacZ::xyn FRT MG1655 lacZ::xynA-FRT; CmS This study
MGΔlacZ::xyn ΔrbsAR::gfp-Cm MG1655 lacZ::xynA- FRT rbsAR::gfpcatP; CmR This study
MGΔlacZ::xyn ΔrbsAR::gfp MG1655 ΔlacZ::xynA-FRT ΔrbsA-rbsR::gfp-FRT; CmS This study
MGΔlacZ::xyn ΔrbsAR::gfp ΔarsB::csc-Cm MG1655 ΔlacZ::xynA-FRT ΔrbsA-rbsR::gfp-FRT ΔarsB::cscAKBcatP; CmR This study
MGΔlacZ::xyn ΔrbsAR::gfp ΔarsB::csc MG1655 ΔlacZ::xynA-FRT ΔrbsA-rbsR::gfp-FRT ΔarsB::cscAKB- FRT; CmS This study
W Wild type strain NCIMB 86662
arsB::xyn W arsB::xynAcatP; CmR This study
lacZ::xyn W lacZ::xynAcatP; CmR This study
rbsAR::xyn W rbsAR::xynAcatP; CmR This study
  1. 1Purchased from the Coli Genetic Stock Centre (CGSC).
  2. 2National Collection of Industrial Bacteria, Aberdeen, Scotland. This strain is also archived as ATCC9637 in the American Type Culture Collection.