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Figure 2

From: Improved production of secreted heterologous enzyme in Bacillus subtilisstrain MGB874 via modification of glutamate metabolism and growth conditions

Figure 2

Growth characteristics of strains MGB874 and 874ΔrocG producing the alkaline cellulase Egl-237. Strains MGB874 (open circles) or MGB874∆rocG (closed circles) were transformed with pHYS237 for production of alkaline cellulase Egl-237. The strains were cultured in 2xL medium containing 7.5% (w/v) maltose monohydrate by batch fermentation with a 30-L jar fermentor. Cell yield (A), extracellular cellulase activity (B), external pH of the growth media (C) and ammonia concentration in the growth media (D) were measured at the indicated times. Arrows indicate the point at which transcriptome analyses were conducted.

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