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Table 1 Summary of the proteins expressed during this work

From: Nitrogen catabolite repressible GAP1 promoter, a new tool for efficient recombinant protein production in S. cerevisiae

Protein Natural host Native localization Function Expected size (kDa) Reference
Gap1 S. cerevisiae Plasma membrane General amino acid transporter 65.9 [14]
N-ter Gap1 S. cerevisiae Cytosol Cytosolic N-terminus part of Gap1 9.4 This publication
Uga4 S. cerevisiae Plasma membrane GABA-specific permease 61.9 [17]
Vglut1 Human Vesicles Glutamate transporter 61.6 [18, 19]
MD-2 Human Extracellular periphery Lipid-binding protein, LPS co-receptor 18.3 [20, 21]