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Table 2 Plasmids and strains

From: Photoautotrophic production of D-lactic acid in an engineered cyanobacterium

Plasmids/Strains Description Source or reference
pUC57-glda_sth Chemically synthesized gene cassette consisting of Ptrc, gldA101-syn and sth. Genewiz;[20, 30, 37]
pQZ115 Plasmid carrying gldA101 [20]
pTKA3 Backbone plasmid for all vectors constructed in this study, with psbA1 as the integration loci. [32]
pYY1 Derived from pTKA3 with gldA101 and the promoter, Ptrc. This study
pDY2 Derived from pTKA3 with gldA101-syn, sth and the promoter, Ptrc. This study
pDY3 Derived from pTKA3 with gldA101-syn and the promoter, Ptrc. This study
E. coli 10-Beta Cloning host strain. New England Biolabs
Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 Glucose tolerant wild type, naturally competent. This study
AV08 Synechocystis Ptrc::gldA101::Kmr, GlyDH* of Bacillus. This study
AV10 Synechocystis Ptrc::(gldA101-syn)-sth::Kmr, GlyDH* of Bacillus, transhydrogenase of Pseudomonas. This study
AV11 Synechocystis Ptrc::gldA101-syn::Kmr, GlyDH* of Bacillus. This study