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Table 7 Strains used in this report

From: New insights into Escherichia coli metabolism: carbon scavenging, acetate metabolism and carbon recycling responses during growth on glycerol

Strains Relevant characteristics Source
E. coli JM101 F’ tra D36 proA + proB + lac Iq lac Z_M15/supE thi _(lac-proAB) [23, 67]
JM101ΔgalP JM101galP::tc This work
JM101Δpck JM101pck::cat This work
JM101Δppc JM101ppc::cat This work
JM101ΔpykA JM101pykA::cat This work
JM101ΔpykF JM101pykF::cat This work
JM101ΔtnaA JM101tnaA::cat This work
JM101ΔpoxB JM101poxB::cat [19]
JM101ΔrpoS JM101rpoS::tc [68]
JM101/pJLBaroGfbrtktA   [65, 66]