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Table 6 Aromatic compounds yields of strains JM101 and JM101/pJLB aroG fbr tktA in flask cultures with glucose or glycerol as sole carbon sources

From: New insights into Escherichia coli metabolism: carbon scavenging, acetate metabolism and carbon recycling responses during growth on glycerol

Strains Carbon source Yarom(mmolC/mmolC)
JM101 Glucose Not detected
JM101 Glycerol 0.25−3 (+/–0.20−4)
JM101/pJLBaroGfbrtktA Glucose 0.07 (+/–0.002)
JM101/pJLBaroGfbrtktA Glycerol 0.66 (+/–0.005)
  1. (See Methods).