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Figure 3

From: Impact of 4 Lactobacillus plantarum capsular polysaccharide clusters on surface glycan composition and host cell signaling

Figure 3

Impact of cps cluster deletion on host cell signaling measured by a luminescence reporter in TLR2-expressing HEK-293 cells. Data is represented as average +/− the range between 2 independently grown bacterial cultures (15 CFU/HEK-293 cell) of the L. plantarum wild-type like derivative (NZ3400Cm) and cps deletion mutants (NZ3548cm/Δcps1A-I, NZ5333ACm/Δcps2A-J, NZ3549Cm/Δcps3A-J, NZ3534Cm/Δcps4A-J, NZ3550Cm/ Δcps1A-3J and NZ3680Cm/Δcps1A-3J, Δcps4A-J).

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