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Table 2 Plasmid constructs used in this study

From: One-step generation of error-prone PCR libraries using Gateway® technology

Name Insert Source Purpose
pET11a-link-NGFP None [7] pNGG backbone
pNGG Gateway cassette This study Library screening
pNGG-NTAIL NTAIL This study Positive control
pNGG-Stop-NTAIL Stop-NTAIL This study Negative control
pDONR-Stop-NTAIL Stop-NTAIL This study LR substrate
pDONR-NTAIL NTAIL This study epPCR substrate
pET11a-Z-NGFP Leucine zipper [7] Positive control
pMRBAD-Z-CGFP Leucine zipper [7] Positive control
pMRBAD-link-CGFP None [7] CGFP cloning backbone
pMRBAD-XD-CGFP XD This study NTAIL interacting partner
pDEST17O/I-NTAIL NTAIL This study idNTAIL PCR template
pDEST17O/I-idNTAIL Internally deleted NTAIL This study PCR2 template