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Table 1 Assessment of the efficiency of E.coli transformation by different DNA species

From: One-step generation of error-prone PCR libraries using Gateway® technology

Experiment Transforming DNA Number of clones
Theoretical LR reaction 1.55 × 1010
Electroporation Recombined acceptor1 18.7 (± 7.2) × 107
  LR reaction2 2.7 (± 1.5) × 107
Heat shock Recombined acceptor1 10.8 (± 2.1) × 105
  LR reaction2 1.8 (± 0.4) × 105
  1. The number of colonies obtained after E. coli transformation by a recombined acceptor1, or by an LR reaction2 is reported. T7pRos E. coli cells were either electroporated as described in "Methods", or transformed by heat-shock. Transformed cells were selected on ACplates. The results are the mean value and standard deviation of three independent transformations using the same LR reaction
  2. 125 fmoles of pNGG-NTAIL (Table 2). 2using 25 fmoles of non recombined acceptor plasmid (pNGG, Table 1) and 100 fmoles of linear NTAIL coding sequence flanked by att L recombination sites (Figure 1, stage 1, right panel)