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Table 3 Scl and mcl PHA accumulation by recombinant E. coli LS5218 harboring pYC2OH grown in mixtures of gluconate and dodecanoate a

From: Production of copolyesters of 3-hydroxybutyrate and medium-chain-length 3-hydroxyalkanoates by E. coli containing an optimized PHA synthase gene

Concentration ofgluconate (g/l) CDW (g/l) PHA content (wt%) PHA composition (mol %)
5 3.73±0.02 4.18±0.16 52.39±3.40 5.16±0.54 20.24±1.11 14.89±1.75 7.32±0.70
10 3.47±0.33 3.99±0.35 70.11±3.12 4.50±0.31 14.16±0.72 7.01±0.62 4.22±0.08
20 2.10±0.10 3.36±0.18 96.33±0.78 ND 3.67±0.78 ND ND
  1. a Cells were cultivated at 37°C and 200 rpm for 48 h as described in “Methods”. Mixed carbon sources consisting of different concentrations of gluconate and 8 g/l dodecanoate were added to the MS medium. Three parallel experiments were conducted for each datum.