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Figure 2

From: Exploiting the Campylobacter jejuni protein glycosylation system for glycoengineering vaccines and diagnostic tools directed against brucellosis

Figure 2

Proteins carrying Y. enterocolitica O:9 O-antigens are immunoreactive against α- Yersinia and α- Brucella monoclonal antibodies. Each strain was transformed with pMAF10 (pglBCj) and pMH5 (acrA), and glycosylated AcrA was purified from 1 L of culture using Ni2+ affinity chromatography. After purification, samples were loaded onto a 10% SDS-PAGE gel and analyzed by: A) Coomassie brilliant blue (5 μg/sample), immunoblot (2 μg/sample) using B) α-AcrA, C) α-Ye O:9 (Yst9-2) mAb, or D) α-Brucella O antigen M84 mAb. Samples were purified from the following strains: 1) OC-/HP-, 2) HP-, 3) OC-, 4) WT, and 3*) 10 × loaded volume of 3 (OC-).

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