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Table 3 Functional group assignment of FT-IR spectra (adapted from[17])

From: Influence of fermentation conditions on the surface properties and adhesion of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG

Wave number (cm-1) Functional group assignment
1739-1725 stretching CdO of ester functional groups from membrane lipids and fatty acids; stretching CdO of carboxylic acoid
1647 stretching CdO in amides (amide I band); bending -NH and -NH2 of amines
1548 N-H bending and C-N stretching in amides (amide II band); bending -NH and -NH2 of amines
1402 symmetric stretching for deprotonated COO- group
1453 bending CH2/CH3 (scissoring)
1384 symmetric stretching of COO-; bending CH2/CH3
1305 vibration C-N from amides
1300-1250 vibrations of C-O from esters or carboxylic acids
1262 vibrations of -COOH and C-O-H; double bond stretching of > PdO of general phosphoryl groups and phosphodiester of nucleic acids
1225 stretching of PdO in phosphodiester of nucleic acids
1225 stretching CdO in phosphates
1200-950 asymmetric and symmetric stretching of PO2- and P(OH)2 in phosphate; vibration of C-OH, C-O-C, and C-C of polysaccharides
1085 stretching PdO of phosphodiester, phosphorylated proteins, or polyphosphate products
976 symmetric stretching vibration of phosphoryl groups