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Figure 1

From: A method for the production of D-tagatose using a recombinant Pichia pastoris strain secreting β-D-galactosidase from Arthrobacter chlorophenolicus and a recombinant L-arabinose isomerase from Arthrobacter sp. 22c

Figure 1

Multiple sequence alignment of Arthrobacter sp. 22c L-arabinose isomerase with other L-arabinose isomerases. 22cAI – Arthrobacter sp. 22c L-AI, ACAI – Acidothermus cellulolytics ATCC 43068 L-AI, TSAI – Thermus sp. IM6501 L-AI, BStAI – Bacillus stearothermophilus IAM 11001 L-AI, BSAI – Bacillus stearothermophilus US100 L-AI, GSAI – Geobacillus stearothermophilus L-AI, AFAI - Anoxybacillus flavithermus L-AI, AAAI – Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius L-AI, GTAI – Geobacillus thermodenitrificans L-AI, BHAI – Bacillus halodurans L-AI, TNAI – Thermotoga neapolitana L-AI, TMAI – Thermotoga maritima L-AI, ECAI – Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. W3110 L-AI, LPAI – Lactobacillus plantarum NC8 L-AI, LFAI – Lactobacillus fermentum CGMCC2921 L-AI, LSAI – Lactobacillus sakei 23 K L-AI, TaMAI – Thermoanaerobacter mathranii L-AI. Three levels of conserved residues are indicated by blue (100%), green (80%) and yellow (60%) backgrounds. Catalytic residues are shaded red. The alignment was performed using Clustalx 2.0.11 program.

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