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Figure 6

From: Development of new plasmid DNA vaccine vectors with R1-based replicons

Figure 6

Western blot for RepA. The RepA band is indicated by the arrow to the right of the image. Except for the lane containing the protein marker (Lane 14), all lanes contained crude lysates from the cultures indicated. Lane 1: BL21 Star (DE3) [pETDuet-1], Lane 2: BL21 Star (DE3) [pETDuet-repA], Lane 3: DH5α (no plasmid), Lane 4: DH5α[pDMB02-GFP] t = 0 hr, Lane 5: DH5α[pDMB02-GFP] t = 2 hr 30°C, Lane 6: DH5α[pDMB02-GFP] t = 2 hr 42°C, Lane 7: DH5α[pDMB02-GFP] t = 8 hr 30°C, Lane 8: DH5α[pDMB02-GFP] t = 8 hr 42°C, Lane 9: DH5α[pDMB-ATG] t = 0 hr, Lane 10: DH5α[pDMB-ATG] t = 2 hr 30°C, Lane 11: DH5α[pDMB-ATG] t = 2 hr 42°C, Lane 12: DH5α[pDMB-ATG] t = 8 hr 30°C, Lane 13: DH5α[pDMB-ATG] t = 8 hr 42°C, Lane 14: Protein marker. All lanes contained 2 μg total protein, except for Lane 2, which contained 0.4 μg total protein. Times refer to hours after the temperature shift. Results are shown for a single set of flasks, but the same trends in RepA expression were observed for the second replicate samples as well.

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