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Figure 2

From: Two-carbon metabolites, polyphenols and vitamins influence yeast chronological life span in winemaking conditions

Figure 2

Role of two-carbon metabolites in the wine yeast life span. A) The CLS analyses were performed with strain EC1118 from a completed fermentation in synthetic grape juice placed in another completed fermentation (wine), from which ethanol was removed by evaporation (evaporated wine), and with evaporated wine containing 2% and 10% ethanol. The time when cells were placed in the new medium is considered 0. B) CLS analysis of the T73 strain in water containing ethanol (8 g/L), acetate (0.4 g/L) and acetaldehyde (0.12 g/L). The assays were performed as described in Figure1. Experiments were done in triplicate, and the mean and standard deviation are provided.

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