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Table 4 Synthetic oligonucleotides

From: Adsorption of β-galactosidase of Alicyclobacillus acidocaldarius on wild type and mutants spores of Bacillus subtilis

Oligonucleotide Sequence (5’- 3’)a Restriction site Position of annealingb
cotS3 ggatccATCGACCATGTGGCGCTG Bam HI +64/+82
cotS4 aagcttAACCATCACTTTATTCAG Hind III +771/+758
cotZ1 gcatgcGCTGTTGAAGAAGACTGC Sph I +64/81
cotZ2 gtcgacAACTTCAATACAGTAGTTCG Sal I +378/+359
cgeA1 gcatgcCAACTGCAACAGAAGGAG Sph I +64/+81
cgeA2 gtcgacGTGAACCTGATCGAAAGC Sal I +297/+279
  1. a Capital and lowercase letters indicate nucleotides complementary to corresponding gene DNA and unpaired flanking sequences carrying a restriction site, respectively. b Referred to cotS, cotZ or cgeA sequences, taking the first nucleotide of the initiation codon as +1.