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Table 4 Biologically active compounds in kimchi.

From: Importance of lactic acid bacteria in Asian fermented foods

Chemical compounds Occurrence Possible effect
Benzylisothiocyanate Chinese cabbage antibiotic
Indol compound allium vegetable anticarcinogenic
Thiocyanate, Flavonoid Red pepper immune stimulant
sistosterol Chinese cabbage reducing the cholesterol level
Diallysulfide allium vegetable anticarcinogenic
Diallytrisulfide   antioxidant
Diallymethylsulfide   fibrinolytic
Gingerrol ginger antibiotic
Gingerin   fibrinolytic
Capsaicin red pepper laxative
   secretion of neuropeptides
Lactic acid bacteria Kimchi antagonistic
Bacteriocine Kimchi antibiotic
L-(+) lactic acid Kimchi modulation of T-cell function
Acethylcholine Kimchi laxation
Dextran Kimchi laxation
γ-aminobutyric acid Kimchi laxation
Acetate Kimchi antibiotic
  1. Adapted from Lee, 2001[7]