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Table 1 Clinical manifestations and related signs of celiac disease1

From: Medical nutrition therapy: use of sourdough lactic acid bacteria as a cell factory for delivering functional biomolecules and food ingredients in gluten free bread

Gastrointestinal Symptoms Extraintestinal symptoms
Chronic diarrhoea Infertility or fetal loss
Recurrent pancreaitis Anaemia
Abdominal distension Loss of appetite
Abdominal pain Short stature
Duodenal obstruction Osteomalacia/osteoporosis
Vomiting Fatigue
Constipation Dementia
Flautolence Weakness (myopothy, neuropthy)
Muscle wasting Vitamin deficiency
Steatorrhea Type 1 diabetes
Weight loss Hypo/hyperthyroidism
Anorexia Alopecia areata
Bulky, sticky and pale stools Depression
Failure to thrive Behavioral changes
  Late-onset puberty
  Dermatitis herpetiformis
  Aphthous stomatis
  Dental enamel hypoplasia
  Cerebellar ataxia
  Esophageal reflux
  1. 1Source : Feighery (1999); Murray (1999); Fasano and Catassi (2001); (Tack et al., 2010).