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Table 2 Composition of major sterols in both untreated and fluconazole-treated P. pastori s cells

From: Protein trafficking, ergosterol biosynthesis and membrane physics impact recombinant protein secretion in Pichia pastoris

Sterol μg Sterol/mg DCW
  Control culture Fluconazole-treated culture
Unknown 1 0 0.5
Unknown 2 0 0.47
Squalen 0 0
Zymosterol 0.17 0
Ergosterol 9.81 6.77
Fecosterol 0.21 0
Episterol 0.23 0
Total sterols 10.42 7.74
  1. Amounts of sterol (μgsterol mgDWC-1) were determined from P. pastoris X-33 pGAPZαA Fab2F5 cells treated with 0.6 μg ml-1 fluconazole and compared with untreatred cells. Unknown 1 and 2 refer to non-identified compounds detected in GC analyses of the sterol fraction of fluconazole-treated P. pastoris cells (see Additional file 1).