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Figure 3

From: Regulation of mtl operon promoter of Bacillus subtilis: requirements of its use in expression vectors

Figure 3

Promoter of mtlR fused to lacZ (A) and alignment of P mtlA and P mtlR operators (B). (A) Upstream sequence of lacZ in pKAM18. The promoter region of mtlR locating downstream of ycsN stop codon (bold capital letter) and 8 bps upstream of the mtlR start codon is placed between Nhe I and Afl II sites of the vector pSUN279.2. The -10 and -35 boxes (rectangles), as well as transcription start site (G residue; bold capital letter), and lacZ start codon (bold capital letters) are shown. The cre sequence overlaps the Pribnow box (underlined). (B) Alignment of the DNA sequences 55 bps upstream of -35 boxes of P mtlA and P mtlR including the MtlR binding sites.

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