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Figure 3

From: Modification of genetic regulation of a heterologous chitosanase gene in Streptomyces lividans TK24 leads to chitosanase production in the absence of chitosan

Figure 3

Effect of csnR deletion on DNA-protein interaction at the csnN106 gene operator. Gel retardation experiment was set up combining 0.1 nM double strand oligonucleotide probe covering the palindromic box of csnN106 with 10 μg of crude protein extracts from S. lividans TK24 strain (WT) or the csnR deleted strain ( ΔcsnR ) cultivated in medium with 0.125% GlcN and 0.375% chitosan oligomers for the time (hours) indicated. P: probe only; T+: control reaction with 2 μg of partially purified protein from Kitasatospora sp. N106 [39].

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