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Figure 1

From: Modification of genetic regulation of a heterologous chitosanase gene in Streptomyces lividans TK24 leads to chitosanase production in the absence of chitosan

Figure 1

Primer extension analysis of csnN106 transcripts. The apparent 5' terminus for the csnN106 transcript was identified by annealing a radiolabeled primer complementary to the mRNA of csnN106 and extension with reverse transcriptase. 40 μg of total RNA, from GlcN-chitosan oligomers induced S. lividans TK24(pHPr-WT), were used for extension reaction. The same primer was used for DNA sequencing reactions with the pHPr-WT plasmid. (→): primer extension product; (*): apparent transcription start site. Vertical arrows: palindromic sequence.

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