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Table 1 Bacterial strains, plasmids and oligonucleodide primers used in this study.

From: Expression of an endotoxin-free S-layer/allergen fusion protein in gram-positive Bacillus subtilis 1012 for the potential application as vaccines for immunotherapy of atopic allergy

Description Contents Reference/source
E. coli TG1 supE thi-1 Δ(lac-proAB) Δ(mcrB-hsdSM)5(rK- mK-) [F' traD36 proAB lacIqZΔM15 Stratagene
B. subtilis 1012 leuA 8, metB 5, hsrM 1, nonA CatchMaps BV, MoBiTec
pET28a/sbpA/bet v1 Cloning of rsbpA/bet v1 [15]
pHT01 Ampr, Cmr, Pgrac promoter (consisting of groEpromotor, the lacO operator and the gsiBSD sequence, ColE1 ori,, lacI repressor, E. coli/B. subtilis shuttle vector MoBiTec
pHT43 see pHT01 + amyQ signal sequence MoBiTec
pHT01/sbpA/bet v 1 Expression of rSbpA/Bet v1 in cytoplasm of B. subtilis 1012 This study
pHT43/sbpA/bet v1 Expression of rSbpA/Bet v1 in cytoplasm of B. subtilis 1012 followed by subsequent secretion into the culture medium This study
SbpA/AatII/forward 5'-cgcgacgtc gcgcaagtaaacgactataacaaatc-3' This study
Bet v1/SmaI/reverse 5'-tcccccggg ttagttgtaggcatcggagtgtg-3' This study
  1. *Bold nucleotide sequences indicate restriction endonuclease sites.