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Figure 4

From: Functional identification in Lactobacillus reuteri of a PocR-like transcription factor regulating glycerol utilization and vitamin B12 synthesis

Figure 4

Reuterin production by L. reuteri strains in MRS media. Bars represent average values along with standard deviation (error bars) of at least three independent biological replicates using strains 6475 (parent strain), 6475::pocR (PocR deficient mutant), 6475::pocR pJKS100 (PocR deficient mutant transformed with empty plasmid as negative control), 6475::pocR pJKS101 (PocR deficient mutant complemented with putative pocR of 6475 under control of its native promoter), JCM1112 pNZ7021 (type strain transformed with empty plasmid) and JCM1112 pNZ7748 (type strain carrying the lreu_1750 overexpression). Experiment was performed at least twice with similar results.

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