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Figure 7

From: Overexpression and purification of U24 from human herpesvirus type-6 in E. coli: unconventional use of oxidizing environments with a maltose binding protein-hexahistine dual tag to enhance membrane protein yield

Figure 7

Mass of isolated cells expressing MBP-6 × His-U24. Cell masses which correspond to highest yields of protein are notably different between the cell types; although grown in rich LB media, Origami 2 cells (pMAL-c2x-U24) are consistently ~3 × lower in mass than C41(DE3) (pMAL-p2x-U24), which is grown in M9 minimal media. Data is based on mean ± s.d. for n = 4-5 batches of cells isolated from 4 × 1L of culture, expressed at 18°C overnight.

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