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Figure 6

From: Overexpression and purification of U24 from human herpesvirus type-6 in E. coli: unconventional use of oxidizing environments with a maltose binding protein-hexahistine dual tag to enhance membrane protein yield

Figure 6

Examination of cysteine-free mutant U24 expression. The C21SC37S mutant U24 constructs were expressed: pMAL-p2x-U24 in C41 (DE3) and pMAL-c2x-U24 in Origami 2 cells, at 18°C and 37°C. Removal of disulfide bond potential appeared to have no effect on in vivo stability of expressed MBP-6 × His-U24, which exhibited the same expression characteristics as wild-type; a similar loss in mass of the degraded fusion protein is observed at the higher temperature.

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