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Figure 1

From: Enhanced biosurfactant production through cloning of three genes and role of esterase in biosurfactant release

Figure 1

MultAlin (Multiple Sequence Alignment) of sfp, sfp0 and srfA gene sequences with esterase gene sequences from NCBI database. The consensus sequences are shown in the last line of the alignment table. Bacillus = Bacillus sp. NK13 esterase gene (Liu et al. 2005, PubMed Accession number: DQ196347). B. clausii = Bacillus clausii KSM-K16 esterase gene (Hakamada et al. 1994, PubMed Accession number: AP006627). sfp, sfp0 and srfA are gene sequences responsible for biosurfactant production in Bacillus subtilis SK320.

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