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Table 2 Antibiotic discs (Oxoid) used in the antibiotic susceptibility test (source from Flórez et al., 2005)

From: Lactococcus lactis M4, a potential host for the expression of heterologous proteins

Antibiotic Concentration Mechanism
Aminoglycoside   Interfere with protein synthesis
Gentamicin 10 μg  
Kanamycin 30 μg  
Neomycin 30 μg  
Streptomycin 10 μg  
Coumarin-glycoside   Interfere with DNA synthesis
Novobiocin 30 μg  
Penicillin/β-lactam   Interfere with cell wall synthesis
Ampicillin 10 μg  
Cefamandole 30 μg  
Penicillin G 10 units  
Macrolide   Interfere with protein synthesis
Erythromycin 15 μg  
Peptide   Interfere with cell wall synthesis
Bacitracin 10 units  
Polymyxin B 300 units  
Phenicole   Interfere with protein synthesis
Chloramphenicol 30 μg  
Quinolone   Interfere with DNA synthesis
Nalidixic acid 30 μg  
Tetracycline   Interfere with protein synthesis
Oxytetracycline 30 μg  
Tetracycline 30 μg  
Nitrofurantoin 300 μg