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Figure 4

From: Genetic response to metabolic fluctuations: correlation between central carbon metabolism and DNA replication in Escherichia coli

Figure 4

Complementation of suppression phenotypes in double replication/CCM mutants by the overproduction of the metabolic enzymes. The experiments were performed in sublethal temperatures (relevant for each strain). Mutations as indicated above the graphs were employed. Panel A. Bacterial growth measured in CFU. Empty columns - growth in the presence of 0.2% arabinose, shaded columns - growth in the presence of 0.1% glucose. Efficiencies of plating (CFU/ml) of the replication mutants at 30°C are indicated by a dashed line at each graph. Panel B and C. The growth of temperature sensitive dnaA46-derivatives in permissive and sublethal temperature. B - dnaA46Δpta, C - dnaA46ΔackA. Panels A, B and C. 1 - temperature-sensitive replication mutants, 2 - double mutants in replication and CCM genes, 3 - double mutants in replication and CCM genes complemented with the relevant metabolic gene under the control of arabinose-inducible pBAD promoter.

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